Our story :



Founded by Phil Carnby in 2020, Obstenatis is an indie video game studio based in France.
It’s name comes from the fusion of the words “obstinacy” and “tenacity”.

Our objective is to make unique games, to be published worldwide, with unique mechanics, interesting storytelling, and creative world.
We want to push the game industry forward with our innovations. 

The team :

Founder of Obstenatis, Phil Carnby is the mind and hands behind each game we release.
He programs, designs, structures, and plans all the elements of our games. 

He likes to come up with new ideas, mechanics, and stories. His goal is to express and test the limits of his imagination in order to create unique games.

Drummer in several rock and funk groups, Victor Binot is a professional musician in the industry.
He and Phil met at the right place at the right time and started working together.
He composes the music and create the sounds of all of our video games.

As a true passionate of video games, he knows a wide range of music genres but doesn’t also hesitate to bring his style into the tracks.

An Environment Artist / 3d modeler and a 3d Animator have recently joined the team! More info on them soon!